Why will the Sixers keep playing?

The Sixers will continue to play at home in order to get the playoffs, and it’s a win-win for both teams.

If the Sixers don’t get a bid in June, they won’t be able to field a team for a World Series appearance in 2019.

It’s going to take a couple of years for the Sixers to reach their potential, and there’s not a lot of upside for those who are currently playing.

However, there are positives to playing home in 2020.

It will help in the long run, and the Sixers are not the only team to play in the same arena.

The NBA is also home to two more teams who play on the same floor in the 2018-19 season.

The Philadelphia 76ers play at the Barclays Center and the Milwaukee Bucks play at Wells Fargo Center.

The Sixers play the Bucks on Monday, May 5.

They also play the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday, May 12.

The Bucks play the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday, May 17.

The Lakers play the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday and Thursday, May 19, and return home to play the Denver Nuggets on Thursday, April 16.

The Los Angeles Clippers play the New York Knicks on Friday, April 17, and play the Phoenix Suns on Monday and Tuesday, April 19.

The 76ers will play the Lakers again on Wednesday.

The Phoenix Suns host the Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday and Friday, and then return home for a pair of home games on Sunday and Monday.

The Milwaukee Bucks will host the Philadelphia 76er’s on Monday night.

The Chicago Bulls host the Utah Jazz on Tuesday and Wednesday, and again return home on Monday for a home game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night.

Milwaukee plays the Chicago Bucks on Wednesday morning and returns home for their game on Monday.

Phoenix hosts the Utah Trail Blazers on Thursday afternoon and returns to play Los Angeles on Wednesday evening.

The Utah Jazz play the Philadelphia Bucks on Friday night and play both teams in Los Angeles before returning to Salt Lake City.

The Jazz host the Phoenix Coyotes on Saturday, May 2, before heading to Tucson, Arizona for the Western Conference semifinals.

The Golden State Warriors play the Milwaukee 76ers at the Oracle Arena on Wednesday afternoon, and they play both the Los Angles Lakers and Phoenix Suns before returning home to Phoenix on Saturday.

The Suns play the Sacramento Kings on Monday morning, and on Tuesday they face off against the Denver Mavericks.

The Mavericks face the Los Alamos Nuggets at the Rio Grande Valley Arena on Thursday.

Phoenix will then travel to New Orleans for a road game on Saturday before returning in the early evening to face the Pelicans on Sunday night.

It remains to be seen if the Bucks and 76ers can combine to get into the postseason.

If they get in, there is a good chance they will be one of the first teams to be on the shortlist of teams to compete for a postseason berth.

The Bulls are currently tied with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third seed in the Western conference and they will likely get in with their first playoff appearance.

The Grizzlies are currently ranked third in the West and they could be in position to qualify for the postseason with a victory over the Warriors in the second round.

They are also one of five teams that play in Chicago, but their home arena, United Center, has been a challenge for both the Bulls and 76er teams.

The Cavs won in overtime in the 2016 NBA Finals, but it was a loss for both squads.

The Warriors also won in the regular season and lost to the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs.

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