Why did the stag beer go into hibernation?

The stag beer was not dead until the mid-19th century when it was banned.

It had been the drink of choice for those who liked the feeling of a stag on their lips, but it had also become a symbol of Irish nationalism and was widely perceived to be a symbol for Irish criminals.

Today, the stag is seen as a symbol and a symbol alone and many are questioning the idea that it should be banned.

The Irish Government has set up a taskforce to look at the issue.

Chair of the taskforce, Anne McGrath, said it was a matter for the Minister for Justice to determine if the stag should be reintroduced.

The taskforce has been formed to look into how stag beer should be made, produced and sold in Ireland.

It is also examining whether it should have been banned or made available for sale.

“The task force will consider all relevant relevant facts, including whether it is a viable alternative to alcohol, and will make a recommendation to the Minister,” she said.

“We will also examine any statutory changes that might be necessary in the future.”

The Government has indicated it would like to see stag beer made available to people on the same terms as alcohol.

The Department of Justice has also issued a statement saying it will continue to work with the Government to make sure it does not come to that.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has said it will be examining the matter as part of its investigation into how Irish law treats people who consume stag beer.

The IBAC said it has asked the Government for a report on the matter.

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