Which stages are best for you to visit in the summer?

The following are some of the best places to visit this summer in Sydney, Australia.1.

Botanic Gardens, Sydney2.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales3.

Mount Isa, Queensland4.

The Mall, Melbourne5.

The Opera House, Melbourne6.

South Bank, Sydney7.

The Yarra River, Sydney8.

The Botanic Garden, Sydney9.

Great Wall, Brisbane10.

Darling Harbour, Sydney11.

The Great Ocean Road, Sydney12.

The Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney13.

The Sydney Opera House14.

The Royal Botanic Museum, Hobart15.

Great Ocean View, Sydney16.

The Hunter River, New Zealand17.

Great Barrier Reef, New Guinea18.

The Swan River, Tasmania19.

The Wollongong, New England20.

Cape York Island, Australia21.

South Coast, NSW22.

Wolloomooloo, Queensland23.

The Darling Harbour Hotel, Melbourne24.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney25.

The Northern Beaches, NSW26.

Port Macquarie, New Caledonia27.

South Brisbane, Queensland28.

Sydney Opera Theatre29.

The Domain, Sydney30.

The Castle Hill Hotel, Sydney31.

The Old South, Brisbane32.

The Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane33.

The Riverwalk, Brisbane34.

The CBD, Sydney35.

The North Shore, Sydney36.

Port Phillip, Brisbane37.

The Gold Coast, Queensland38.

Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane39.

The Central Coast, Sydney40.

The Blue Mountains Railway Station, New Plymouth41.

The New South Wollongs Head, New Mexico42.

The Red Hill, Western Australia43.

The Rocks, New Hampshire44.

The Whitsundays, New York45.

The South Australian Mountains, Queensland46.

The Big Bend, Texas47.

The Bentleigh Mountains, Victoria48.

The Rock, Western Victoria49.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco50.

The Gorge, Australia51.

The Glen, Tasmania52.

The Lonsdale Park, NSW53.

The Beaches of Ballarat, NSW54.

The Grand Southern Railway, Western Australian55.

The Kings Park, Tasmania56.

The Black Mountains, NSW57.

The Mount Isa Coast Guard Station, NSW58.

The Geelong City Airport, Victoria59.

The Western Australia Central Coast60.

The Kew Gardens, Victoria61.

The Bay of Plenty, Tasmania62.

The Adelaide River, Queensland63.

The Flinders Ranges, South Australia64.

The Moseley Range, Queensland65.

The Sunshine Coast, Victoria66.

The Bass Strait, Western Cape67.

The East Coast, New Australia68.

The Snowy Mountains, Western Australians69.

The Hobart CBD, Tasmania70.

The Southern Cross, Tasmania71.

The West Coast, Australia72.

The Kimberley, Western Territory73.

The Gulf Coast, Western Samoa74.

The Murray Islands, New Ireland75.

The Papatoetoe Islands, Australia76.

The Coral Sea, Queensland77.

The Indian Ocean, Indonesia78.

The Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea79.

The Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica80.

The Arcturus and Euryalus Mountains, Australia81.

The Gorgon Coast, Northern Australia82.

The Mackay Peninsula, New Tasmania83.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Antarctica84.

The Rocky Mountains, USA85.

The Sierras, USA86.

The Tenerife Islands, Spain87.

The Cape Cod, US98.

The Lake District, USA99.

The Australian Alps, Australia100.

The Ozarks, USA101.

The Rockies, USA102.

The Alpine Alps, Italy103.

The Andes Mountains, Argentina104.

The High Peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya105.

The Tetons, North America106.

The Alps, Switzerland107.

The Pyrenees Mountains of France108.

The Algarve Mountains of Spain109.

The Himalayas, Nepal110.

The Domes of Saint-Gobain, France111.

The Valais Mountains of Switzerland112.

The Arosa Valley, France113.

The Ries Mountains of Belgium114.

The Volcanoes of Japan, Japan115.

The Icefields of Siberia, Russia116.

The Colosseum of Athens, Greece117.

The Parnas Mountains of Romania118.

The Everest, Nepal119.

The Vinson Peninsula, South Africa120.

The White Mountains of North America121.

The Strombolian Alps, France122.

The Côte d’Azur, France123.

The Dolomites, France124.

The Hinterland, France125.

The Rhône Valley, Switzerland126.

The Riviera Maya, Mexico127.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mexico128.

The Chamonix Valley, French Polynesia129.

The Santa Cruz Mountains, Chile130.

The Torres del Fuego, Spain131.

The Mont Blanc Range, France132.

The Mediterranean Sea, France

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