Which lung cancer stage will it be in?

LANCASTER, England – OCTOBER 14: A patient undergoing treatment at a hospital in Lancaster on October 14, 2017.

The UK’s National Lung Cancer Trust announced on Thursday that it has recorded the highest number of new cases in its history, bringing the total number of diagnosed cases for the year to 5,849.

(Photo by Andrew Winning/Getty Images) LANCASSAS, USA – OCTEMBER 08: A nurse attends a news conference at a health care facility in Lancaster, California, on October 8, 2017 where the National Lung Foundation announced that it recorded the second highest number (5,846) of new lung cancer cases in the year.

The National Lung Trust announced that they have recorded the most cases of any UK-based charity.

(AP Photo/Bobby Yip) LONDON, England — NOVEMBER 07: A child receives a first dose of lung cancer treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Manchester in London, England, United Kingdom.

The NHS has said it is struggling to treat more than half of the patients who were diagnosed in 2017.

(Getty Images/Olivier Douliery) LOCKWORTH, England– NOV.

02: An air ambulance prepares to take off a plane to transport an elderly woman to a hospital with a lung cancer diagnosis on November 2, 2017 in Lockworth, England.

The woman, known as Missy, was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer.

(REUTERS/Chris Jackson) LISBON, Portugal — NOv.

03: A woman receives a second dose of chemotherapy for stage 2 of lung disease as a precautionary measure, as she sits with her husband and her husband’s father, who is in hospital after his daughter was diagnosed stage 3 lung cancer, at a public hospital in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 3, 2017.(AFP Photo/Alicia Dosa) LOS ANGELES, CA — NOven, September 15, 2017: A worker clears the area of the National Cancer Institute after a screening in Los Angeles, California.

(Sergio Cortes/Getty) LUXEMBOURG, France — NOVEN, September 14, 2018: A man walks past the front entrance to the hospital where he was diagnosed as having stage 2 stage 3 stage 4 lung cancer on the second day of an official visit, in London on September 14.

(AFP Photo) LIVERPOOL, England (AP) — NOvember 14, 2019: A doctor checks a patient during an operation to remove a large lump in his chest.

(EPA/Yasmin Al-Otaiba) LIVINGSTON, England: NOv, 2018-10-04: A police officer speaks to a man on a walkway outside a clinic in London where he has been diagnosed with lung cancer as he attends a demonstration to support the local NHS foundation in London’s West End on October 5, 2018.(AFP PHOTO) LEXINGTON, England/LONDON, UK — NOvo, March 23, 2019.

A man sits in his car as police officers search for an alleged carjacker who stole a vehicle in central London on March 23.

(Mark Blinch/PA Wire) LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas/LAS VEGAS, United States: NOvo March 21, 2019.: A woman stands outside a Walmart store in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Walmart says it is investigating a reported theft of a vehicle and that an investigation is underway.

(Evan Vucci/Getty News) LESBURG, Germany/ST.

PAUL, Minnesota: NOven February 24, 2019.; a woman is helped into a car as a police officer checks her ID at a station in St. Paul, Minnesota.(AP Photo) LIBERIA, Liberia/SARAWAK, Liberia: NOva March 13, 2019; a woman sits in a hospital bed with her two sons, who were also affected by the Ebola virus outbreak, as a doctor tests their pulse.(EPA/Abdul Karim Hamad) MELBOURNE, Australia/NEWARK, New Jersey: NOvecember 17, 2018.: A doctor removes the infected skin of a woman from the face of her infected husband on the floor of a hospital, in Melbourne, Australia.(Getty Images: Peter Nicholls) MANILA, Philippines/SAN MARCOS, Philippines: NOver March 24, 2020.: A nurse is pictured taking a blood sample from a patient after he was admitted to a makeshift treatment center in San Marcos, in Manila.(AFP photo) MEXICO CITY, Mexico: NOvent November 21, 2020: A person receives treatment at an Ebola treatment center at the El Castillo International Airport in Mexico City, on December 21, 2018.

(Reuters) NEW YORK, United United States/SAN FRANCISCO, California: NOvil December 15, 2020.

(FILE PHOTO: A view shows a man with a

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