When You See That Ghost, It’s Your Night Out

A night out at a fancy new club in the South Bronx has you in a tizzy.

The bartender says there’s no such thing as a good night out in New York, and there’s a reason for that: Ghostly noises are haunting the place.

The sounds are so real, you might as well be in a haunted house, you can’t help but think.

The first time I saw a ghost in person was back in 2000.

The city was in a recession, and we had all these people dying of heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer, so I went out to one of those places, a club called The Moccasin Lounge, where I got a chance to see a ghost.

It was scary, because I’d been living in the Bronx for the past four years.

I didn’t have a lot of friends or family in the neighborhood, so when I first saw a strange, spooky figure, I started to get nervous.

I’d never seen anything like that, I’d just been to a club.

I walked around for a few minutes, and then I saw the figure, a guy, standing at the back of the bar, a black man with a black beard and a white hat.

I thought, This is this guy.

I had no idea what he was.

I went over and got a beer, and I sat down with the guy, who was about 6 feet tall, around 12 inches, with glasses hanging from his nose.

He said, Hey, I got this ghost, he said, I can see ghosts, I was at the Moccasins, and he was talking about how he used to work there and how he got killed in a car accident.

I sat there for a while, and after a while I started getting scared.

I started feeling the ghosts.

I was still scared at the time, but it’s hard to believe.

I said to the bartender, What is that guy saying?

And she told me it was a ghost, a ghost of a girl.

She was wearing a black mask, with red eyes, and she looked like she was going to jump out of a window.

I looked at the bar again, and that guy was still there, sitting there, talking to her.

I just kept going and going, and this ghostly figure was walking in front of me, and as soon as I saw that ghost, I knew I had to leave.

But I was scared.

I walked away.

But when I came back, the next day, I went to the Mocasins again, this time wearing a ghost costume.

I went through the doors, and the guy said, There’s a girl in here.

I told him I didn�t think I’d see her again, but she looked at me and said, Oh, that�s me, the girl.

I turned around and I saw her face, and her eyes, the same ones I saw when I saw my ghost.

I ran down the hall and I was just so shocked, I said, Wow.

I guess I was crazy.

I took the ghost costume, and went back to The Mocassins.

This was in 2001, and my mom and I went there, and it was the first time that I had seen the ghost.

The next night, I woke up in my mom�s bed.

She had just passed away in 2001.

She died from heart disease, so she was a great grandmother to me.

I�d never met her, but I had a feeling that I knew her.

My mom, in fact, was a real estate agent in the area.

We lived on the same block, and so I called her up the next morning.

She said, Come over to my house and see my ghost, because it was really creepy.

She went over to the bar and she came back and she told my mom about what happened that night.

She told her that I must have seen a ghost because she had seen her face and the eyes, but when she got home, she didn�T remember that night, but later on I told my dad and he told me about it.

I think I was so scared, that I just went to bed.

But the next night she called me up and told me what had happened, and when I woke her up, she said, You know, she was probably scared.

She said, So what do you think happened?

I said yeah, I don�t know, but now I know why I feel this way.

When I see my ghosts, they always come back.

And the next time I see a face, I just go back to sleep.

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