What’s Borat’s stage 4?

Stage 4 is the stage of dementia.

It’s the one that begins to show signs of decline, but still has significant cognitive abilities.

It could mean dementia is beginning to slow or even stop.

Stage 3 is called mild dementia, which means there’s no clear decline, and the patient’s cognitive abilities are fine.

Stage 2 is called advanced dementia, in which symptoms start to get worse.

The patient’s cognition is slowly deteriorating.

Stage 1 is called progressive dementia, and it’s characterized by deterioration over time.

These two stages are also called progressive, and they can be quite distinct.

Stage 4 is stage 5.

The person has already started to deteriorate and is in the process of becoming irreversible.

Stage 5 is called the ultimate stage, and is where people are going to start to decline.

Stage 5 is where the decline will last.

This stage of Alzheimer’s disease usually starts at about 65 to 80 years of age, but it can take a little longer.

For example, some people have mild dementia when they’re 30 years old, and then slowly deteriorate over time to a stage of advanced dementia when the patient is 50.

Stage 6 is where some people begin to decline, gradually.

For some, the decline slows to a point where the person’s cognitive capabilities are deteriorating.

Stage 7 is the most severe stage of disease.

It can last for decades, and its symptoms include dementia, loss of memory, and problems with the senses.

Stage 7 is also where people can lose their job, their housing, and even their ability to drive.

Stage 8 is called terminal dementia.

People who’ve reached this stage will die.

It usually happens in their 80s, and often the patient will have mild symptoms of dementia but have little cognitive ability or other problems.

Stage 9 is when dementia gets worse, and people start to deteriorates rapidly.

Stage 9 is also when people start losing their homes and their mobility.

These stages are generally considered irreversible.

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