‘Totally amazing’: Indian woman says she was raped by a cab driver on her way home from work

A woman in India has described how she was “completely amazed” by the “completely amazing” way that a cabdriver raped her on the way home after the night she had a job interview.

“I felt a little bit scared, but when I saw him coming, I knew that he was really the man of the house,” Ms Aruna said, adding that she was walking home after a night of work when she was approached by the driver who raped her in the car.

“He took off my pants, grabbed my bra and tried to take off my panties, but I stopped him,” she said.

“And he said: ‘You must stop crying, you must stop sobbing’.” The cab driver then raped her.

Ms Arunavavad said the driver then left and told her not to cry because he was going to go to work the next day.

Ms Karim said the man returned later and told Ms Aru that he had raped her too.

“So I was in shock, but he said he didn’t know what happened,” she added.

“It was a very strange feeling, but it was a good feeling.”

It’s something that’s not normal for me.

“The taxi driver has been arrested for raping a woman in the Delhi area, but is expected to appear in court soon.

The case has sparked outrage in India and prompted calls for an investigation into how a woman is able to walk home alone after having had a night out.

“What is happening to us is very shocking, it’s very sad, but now I can see that the situation has changed and the driver is a victim. “

People say it’s a rape, but this is my first time being raped in this way,” she told NDTV.

There are many victims in India, but nobody knows how to solve it.”

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