‘This is an incredible time for science’: Kepler-186f finds its star

By Steve Klochko, AP The first planet to ever be found orbiting a star with a similar mass to Earth is proving to be a real star.

The Kepler-18f system, discovered in 2013, is a hot, rocky dwarf with a radius roughly half the size of Earth and a mass less than one tenth of Jupiter’s.

Kepler-185e, a planet with a similarly high mass, orbits in a similar orbital path to Kepler-184f, but with a much more eccentric orbit.

Kepler 18f has now been confirmed by another planet, and its discovery is making astronomers nervous.

The first new planet discovered by the Kepler space telescope has been named for a famous astronomer who studied the Kepler-17 system, a star that had been thought to be so massive that it would eventually destroy itself.

“It’s kind of the last big shot in our universe to really find a planet orbiting a black hole,” said astronomer Michael Coates of Harvard University.

“We’ve been chasing them for a long time.”

Astronomers have long thought there must be more planets orbiting black holes than previously thought, because the gas there could produce hydrogen, which would be a match for the gas that makes up the atmospheres of all the other stars in the Milky Way.

But the new planet is the first confirmed detection of a planet-mass planet orbiting around a black star.

It also could prove that black holes can host planets and that the black hole is the only possible host of life.

This is an amazing time for research in astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology, Coates said.

Kepler was discovered in July 2013.

In the next few years, astronomers hope to identify more planets, and they’ll find that many of them are rocky, but the system is too hot for life to exist.

Kepler 186f is one of about 1,500 exoplanets discovered in the last few years.

A team led by researchers at the University of Warwick in England published a study on Wednesday that confirmed Kepler 186F.

It was the closest planetary system to the sun to date, making it the closest planet ever found.

“This is a very exciting discovery,” said Coates, who was not involved in the research.

“Kepler-186F is a great example of what’s possible with the right data.

The system has a large amount of material and is so close to its star that the material has to be incredibly cold to make a planet,” he said.

It is possible that the planet is rocky, because that is the most likely explanation for its rocky composition.

“I’m very excited about the news,” said physicist Thomas Zentner, a co-author of the study.

“The discovery of Kepler 186 f is really quite exciting, and this means we have another step forward in the search for planets around stars that have more mass than our sun.”

The new planet has a rocky surface, but Coates and his colleagues did not find a water vapor in its atmosphere.

That is likely due to a lack of an atmosphere.

A lack of liquid water, in which water vapor can condense, would also make the planet too hot to sustain life.

The study found that the surface of Kepler- 186f has a layer of nitrogen, a key ingredient for life.

Scientists say the planet probably has a thin atmosphere because the material in its surface is likely to be rocky, so it is unlikely that a thick layer of water would have been present.

The new discovery is part of a larger research effort to find a second planet around a star called Kepler-16, a system of about 60 stars located in the constellation of Cygnus.

The planet is about a third as massive as Earth, and it orbits a star in the region of the Milky

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