The first time the first stage of the world’s first malaria-carrying mosquito, Artemis, jumps out of a swamp

The first stage to emerge from the depths of a tropical swamp on the coast of the southern Philippines is Artemis, a species of mosquito that first emerged from the waters of a new malaria-producing swamp on July 17. 

According to the Philippines Environmental Protection Agency, Artemis has been around since May 2015 and was first spotted by a man walking in the forest with his wife, after which the species was observed in its early stages. 

The man who was carrying the mosquito was not the first person to be spotted carrying the new malaria virus, which causes severe acute respiratory syndrome and can be fatal, and Artemis was not detected until June 28. 

“We were alerted to the new species by an employee of the EPA’s Tropical Diseases Program, who observed an individual carrying it on the ground,” said Domenico Mazzacarelli, the director of the Philippine Environmental Protection Department. 

“[We] were able to locate and collect samples for testing and then the species became known through the Internet.” 

The EPA says Artemis was detected on July 15 and its first symptoms appear on July 20. 

On Thursday, Mazzaccarelli said that Artemis has now been found in 15 locations around the country, including a town in the northeastern Philippines and a town on the southern island of Bicol. 

For the first time, Artemis will also be found in the waters off the Philippines. 

But the agency did not specify which parts of the country it is being found in. 

Mazzaccaresi said that the species will not be detected in a few years, and that the EPA will begin to release data about the prevalence of the new virus. 

A similar case was detected in the Philippines on July 9. 

More on this story The AFP news agency says that Artemis was discovered on the island of Tondo, near the Philippines border with China.

The AFP reports that authorities are concerned that the new mosquito may spread the malaria virus and have ordered an aerial spraying campaign to control the mosquito population. 

However, Mzzaccareso said that while it is important to control mosquitoes, there is no doubt that the mosquitoes have been detected. 

He said that although there is an increase in malaria cases in some parts of Asia, they have not been as high as the ones reported in the United States. 

In the Philippines, the AFP says that the number of cases in the past week have dropped to less than 1,000. 

An aerial spraying program, or DAP, will continue to be implemented in the coming days and weeks to contain the mosquito populations. 

 Mizzaccareo also said that local authorities are looking to the country’s military to conduct surveillance and take care of the mosquito problem. 

There are no confirmed cases of the virus, but the Philippines has been hit by two large outbreaks in the last two years. 

One, in December 2015, killed more than 10,000 people and left more than 2,400 dead.

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