The biggest things you can expect from the next two months of live esports coverage

You may be familiar with the Dota 2 beta, but the next few months will be the first time you’ll be able to watch the next iteration of the MOBA.

It’ll be announced during E3 in June, and it will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube.

The most anticipated thing about the upcoming beta is the new arena mode.

Dota 2’s Arena mode was a huge step forward in terms of how much people could expect from Dota 2, and I don’t think there’s any way that the game’s developers are going to let this one slip away.

The game is a lot more fun when you have a huge group of people working together, and Arena Mode is an enormous step in that direction.

There are a few other interesting things to note about the game as well.

One of the biggest changes is that the main heroes are now a little bit more diverse, with a new hero type called “Dota 2 Hero.”

These heroes have been the source of a lot of frustration for a lot, because they tend to be extremely powerful, and there’s a reason why they are so.

It’s because they’re a little harder to play against.

You want to have a big team of players who have a lot in common, so you’re looking at having two or three heroes that you can swap around in the same game.

There’s also the new “fierce” mechanic, which is basically a more balanced version of the “slow” mechanic from Dota 1.

In Dota 2 these heroes are actually pretty strong, but it’s also a bit frustrating when they’re on the same team and you’re constantly having to trade with them because they just seem so overpowered.

There’s also an “alternate” mode for the Dota 1 Arena mode, called “The King of the Hill,” which is essentially an offline version of that game.

It doesn’t have a team, so it’s more about teamplay, but there’s still a lot going on and it’s pretty much a very similar game to what’s in the beta.

I haven’t seen a ton of playtesting so far, but I expect there will be some improvements over the course of the beta and it’ll be a lot less difficult to beat.

This will be a really big update to Dota 2.

The competitive aspect of the game has always been really interesting to me, and this update will help bring that into the mainstream.

The first version of Dota 2 was very competitive, and even after Dota 2 3 was released, the game was still considered one of the worst games out there.

The next big update is the biggest competitive update to the game in the history of the genre.

I hope that this update does not disappoint, and if you like Dota 2 but are still waiting for the beta, I think you should definitely try it out.

You can watch a replay of the new Arena mode in the player-vs-player mode at the top of the article, and you can check out the video stream below.

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