‘The baby is doing well’: Dog breeder talks about his first dog with a Down syndrome baby

NEW YORK (AP) A dog breeder says he is so happy to have a baby with Down syndrome that he’s not worried about whether he will be able to keep it.

Mike Davis said he has a baby girl, who is about the same age as his daughter.

He has three other children with Down’s syndrome, and says he can’t imagine having a third without her.

Davis said the girl has been “so hard to get used to” and is going through a bit of a time.

He said she’s not yet ready to learn how to walk, but the boy is just getting started.

“I’m just so happy, so excited.

I’m just really, really happy to see her and really, very, very excited,” Davis said.

“She’s doing well.

We’re so proud of her.”

Davis, a certified breeder, says the girl was born at his farm on the outskirts of the Bronx.

He says she weighed about 12 pounds, about the size of a newborn baby.

Davis said his daughter is now about six months old.

The breeder said he is grateful for all the support from the public and others who helped raise money to support him.

He also has some advice for people who are considering raising a baby without a Down’s.

“The good thing is, they will have a healthy baby.

The bad thing is that we have to keep trying to get her through this and keep her healthy,” he said.

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