River stages design to change the world

STAGS: The Stags are an American dance-rock band that emerged from the late 1980s and early 1990s.They are also known for their dance-pop and instrumental music.The Stag’s stage name derives from the Stags logo, which appears on their T-shirts, caps, hats, and other merchandise.Their first album, 1992’s “Lemonade,” was a critical and commercial smash, becoming […]

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Melanoma patients are getting a new stage of chemotherapy

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Patients who survived chemotherapy in previous years are receiving a new dose of the cancer-fighting drug at the same time they get a second round of chemotherapy, raising the chances of them surviving another round.A European Union-wide study of 607 patients found that the risk of dying from melanoma had dropped from […]

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The first thing I’d say about the Mississippi River stages: I’d like to see more of the Mississippi river stages.

More than any other place on the planet, the Mississippi is the home of the American Indian.And while many of the most beautiful stages on the continent are still being created, they’re increasingly difficult to find.So it’s not surprising that the last few decades have seen a boom in the number of indigenous American-themed stages […]

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