Google’s Piaget unveils its next-generation headless robot, the first one with a motion-sensing head-up display

A new prototype headless robotic system from Google’s robotics research arm is poised to revolutionize the world of robotics.The new product is the first to be built with the technology of the Piagets Sensorsimotor (PISA) sensorimobot, a robotic system that mimics the human brain in the sense that it can see, hear, smell, and respond […]

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How to get your teeth back, now and in the future: Yamaha stage 3

By now, you’ve probably heard of tooth decay stages.There are three major types of stages: tooth decay stage, dentition stage, and tooth repair stage.In a nutshell, tooth decay is a progressive deterioration of your teeth.If you are a good dental technician, you will be able to identify these stages from photos and videos.The dentition and […]

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