‘It’s really, really painful’: Dad ‘stunned’ by ‘unimaginable’ loss of son

Peter Stager has described the moment he learned his son had died from renal failure.

Key points:Peter Stager was shocked to learn his son was on dialysis for more than a year”When I found out, I was just stunned,” Mr Stager said.

“The next day I had a couple of kids, I thought, ‘This is it, I’m done’.”

Mr Stager had been using dialysis since 2007.

He has used dialysis once a month for about four years.

The father-of-four was told the dialysis machine was no longer working in November this year.

“I was just devastated.

It’s really horrible,” Mr Spager said in an interview with 7.30.”

There was no way it was going to happen.”

Mr Stagers son, Anthony, had been on dialysysis for about two years.

He was on the ventilator for three months and had two operations in July last year.

He lost a kidney and was on ventilators for about a year.

Mr Spager is now living on his own in his home state of New South Wales and has no contact with his family.

He said he was shocked and shocked to find out he would lose his son, who had been his sole income source for more then two years.

“I was shocked,” Mr Sager said, adding his son is in intensive care.

“It’s so sad, I can’t even describe it.”

Mr Spagers daughter, Hannah, who is in the same situation, has lost a further kidney.

She is also in intensive hospital treatment.

“My life is not going to be the same, I am not going anywhere.

I don’t know how I’m going to pay the bills, I don,t have any money,” Mr Sprager said of his son’s loss.

Mr Sprager and his family are still waiting for answers to some of the questions that remain unanswered after his son died.

“We have to go through a process of trying to understand what’s happened, what was going on, what’s going to take place,” Mr Srager said when asked what he would like the public to know.

“What do you think will happen to me, the next time I have to get dialysis?,” he said.

Mr Srager says he has been inundated with emails and phone calls from concerned citizens and is also concerned about what will happen if Mr Spagers son is discharged from hospital.

Mr Stagesons sister, who also lives in New South, has also received calls from people concerned about her son.

She said the family has been overwhelmed by the response to the news.

“You’ve got to be patient, you’ve got a lot of people that are really scared, a lot that are just overwhelmed, I think,” she said.

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