How to keep your legs warm during hypothermia and frostbite stages: cpac

The weather can be brutal.

For most of us, it can be extremely chilly.

And if it gets cold enough to be unsafe, people can die from hypothermic shock.

But for some, this isn’t an option.

Hypothermia means being below freezing.

If you’re not comfortable in that state, the best thing you can do is get yourself into a chair.

The chair is a great way to stay warm.

But it’s also a great place to get hypothermically warm, if you’re on the couch.

Here are 10 ways to keep yourself warm in the most severe cases of hypothermal shock.1.

Make a blanket.

If there’s a risk of getting frostbite, it’s better to make a blanket out of a piece of soft cloth that you can place on your leg.

If you have to use a blanket to get to a hospital, do it with the most absorbent material possible.

This way you can keep warm without getting frostbitten.2.

Use a blanket for warmth.

If your blanket isn’t strong enough to support your body weight, use it as a heat source.3.

Make yourself comfortable.

When you’re sitting in a chair, you don’t have much of a choice.

The chairs will warm you.

But make sure you’re comfortable.4.

Put the blanket on.

Place your blanket on the floor or other flat surface to keep it warm.

You can use it on your legs, hands, and knees to keep you warm.5.

Wrap your arm around it.

Wrap the arm around your legs and legs around the arm, creating a blanket that will keep you comfortable.6.

Stand up.

If possible, make yourself stand up on a chair or couch so that you have more room to move.7.

Take a blanket and lay it on the ground.

If it’s cold enough, lay it flat on the table or floor so that it doesn’t freeze solid.8.

Put a blanket on your head.

Make sure you get your head wrapped around the blanket and use the pillow to get your body warm.9.

Sit down and put your head on your arm.10.

Put on a warm jacket.

If the temperature is below zero, wear a warm shirt, such as a wool shirt, a wool sweater, or a warm sweatshirt.11.

Wrap a blanket around your head and shoulders to keep warm.12.

Put your arms and legs on the blanket.13.

Sit back and take a few deep breaths.14.

Make your eyes closed.15.

Stand and walk around the room.

If at this point you’re still cold, get into a cool and comfortable position.16.

Put some ice cubes on your nose.

This will help your body cool down and help you keep your temperature down.17.

Take an ice bath.18.

Eat something that is easy to digest.

If necessary, take some ice cream and a soft drink.19.

Sleep in a comfortable place.

Put an extra blanket on top of the bed so you don´t have to worry about having to lay on it in the dark.20.

If all else fails, wear comfortable clothes.

If not, put on a hat and goggles to help you stay cool.21.

Get an ice pack.

If temperatures get below zero (or if it is cold enough), use ice to cool down your body.22.

Use ice to help keep you cool.23.

Drink lots of fluids.

If a cold or frostbite has occurred, drink plenty of fluids to help cool down.24.

Stay hydrated.

If your symptoms don’t go away overnight, call your doctor to determine the best time to go to the hospital.

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