How to keep cold sore symptoms in check during bed bug stages

Cold sore symptoms can be a bit of a nuisance during bed bugs stages, especially during early stages.

Here are some tips to help prevent them from becoming a real problem: *Avoid close contact with your bed partner.

This is especially true if you’re sleeping with a close relative.

*Wear a mask and a towel when sleeping in your own bed, and wash your hands frequently with soap and water.

*If you’re not sure what stage your cold sore is, ask your doctor if your symptoms are worse when you’re sicker.

*Try to avoid sharing your bed with a bed partner who has the same cold sore.

If you have a cold sore, you may not be able to get to sleep together if you both have the same symptoms.

*Don’t put on any more clothes than you need.

You can wear extra clothing if you need to, but you shouldn’t do this if your cold sores aren’t really affecting your bed.

*Stay hydrated.

You’re not going to get any relief from the cold if you don’t drink water regularly.

*Avoid smoking.

Smoking can help prevent your colds from progressing, but it also can contribute to other diseases and infections, like pneumonia.

*Do not use a mask if you have an infection or cold sore on your face or arms.

You may find it uncomfortable to wear a mask, and the mask may irritate your eyes.

*Use a pillow if you can, and avoid sleeping on a flat surface.

A cold sore may not show up on your forehead or neck, so use a pillow instead of your bed if possible.

*Sleep in a separate room with another person, especially if you live with someone who has a cold sore.

You don’t want your partner to see it.

*Be careful when taking medications.

You should only take a medicine if you think you have the chance of developing the disease, and not if you believe you’re at risk of getting it.

If your doctor doesn’t believe you have it, ask for an opinion.

If the doctor thinks you are at risk, he or she may order an additional dose of the medicine.

But if you feel safe taking the medicine, you should use it.

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