How to get the most out of CPAC stage design

The CPAC conference takes place at the Marriott Marquis in the Capital Beltway on Saturday, March 12.

We are joined by an expert panel to discuss what to expect from the event. 

The CPAC panel is comprised of: Dr. Michael Greger, the director of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dr.-elect of the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences Professor David Titley, the author of “Understanding Climate Change” and author of the book “Climate Wars: The Battle Over Our Future” David Rennie, an expert in energy policy and the director for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Dr., Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, director of Energy for the U.S. Army Institute of Science and Technology and director of Center for Strategic and International Studies at the U: Robert L. Lawrence Center The panel includes: Diane Ravitch, co-director of the Energy Program at the New America Foundation Dr, Dr Dr Judith Curry, professor of atmospheric sciences at Yale University Dr  Dr Jonathan Waldman, professor emeritus of meteorology at Harvard University The full conference is available for viewing on YouTube here.

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