How to control the stages of alcohol abuse

When you’re sober and you’re still drinking, your body has a tendency to go into Stage 4, which is called the “Stage of Addiction”.

When your body goes into Stage 5, it becomes Stage 1.

When your alcohol abuse starts to cause you a great deal of stress, Stage 3 becomes Stage 2.

Stage 3 causes you to become physically sick, and Stage 4 causes you emotional distress.

Stage 4 can cause you to experience severe anxiety, which can lead to depression.

Stage 5 is the most severe of all the stages.

It can cause significant damage to your physical health, including loss of consciousness and loss of muscle coordination.

Stage 6 is where your mind goes into a complete breakdown, causing you to be in a state of “mental collapse” (think about what a bad dream that is).

At this stage, you have a complete loss of self-awareness, self-control, judgment and judgment of others.

This stage can cause people to act out violently, including violence.

Stage 7 is the hardest of all.

It is a state in which you can’t function and you may have trouble concentrating, thinking clearly and even remembering things.

At this point, you may feel as if your whole world is falling apart, and you will feel like a child without a mother or a father.

You can get help from a counsellor, psychiatrist or psychologist.

You can also seek help from Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you’re a recovering alcoholic, you can talk to your GP, but don’t forget to tell them that you have Stage 7.

If your condition worsens, you should talk to a psychiatrist.

If you need help in managing your symptoms and alcohol use, ask a doctor or nurse to give you some advice.

They can also help you understand what to do if you don’t want to go back to drinking.

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