How do cervical cancer patients deal with their cancer?

Here are some tips to help you understand what’s happening to you as you struggle to keep your tumour at bay.


Find out how the cervical cancer is treated1.1.

Understand the stages cervical cancer takes 2.

Talk to your GP about cervical cancer treatments and your options 3.

Get support from family and friends 4.

Talk with a specialist about how your cancer is treating you 5.

Talk about your symptoms 6.

Read your specialist’s report 7.

Read the results of your cancer tests 8.

Visit your GP to check if your symptoms are affecting your health and if so, what you need to do 1.

Find out how cervical cancer goes from a normal bump or scratch to a serious disease2.1 Find out what it’s like to have a cervical cancer diagnosis3.2 Ask your GP if you can get tests for cervical cancer4.3 Ask your doctor for advice about your options5.4 Get help from family, friends and other healthcare professionals to help manage your symptoms6.5 Get support and information about cervical cancers7.6 Take time to make your journey to cancer-free1.

Find a specialist who can give you a diagnosis2.

Visit a specialist clinic3.

Talk and understand with your GP4.

Ask your family, close friends and healthcare professionals about your cancer and what they need to take into account5.6 Find out about cancer screening and treatment options8.

Read the results from your cancer test9.

Visit your GP after your test results are available.10.

Read a report about cervical cervical cancer11.

Talk or talk to someone about your disease12.

Get advice about how to care for yourself13.

Talk through any questions you may have14.

Talk if you’re scared or feel stressed15.

Talk to a specialist16.

Talk your GP, nurse or a GP specialist17.

Get the most up-to-date information about cancer treatment18.

Talk online or by phone to get your cancer treatment information19.

Read and listen to the results20.

Talk back to your doctor if you have any concerns or questions about your care

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