Canker Sore Stages Female Stage 4 Cancer Patient Gets a $20K Settlement

Cankers sore stage 4 cancer patient gets $20,000 settlement from the Alberta Health Services Department article A female patient who was treated for ovarian cancer in 2015 and 2016 received a $15,000 payout from the Department of Health and Wellness for treatment related to the cancer.

The payment was announced Thursday by the Alberta Department of Human Services, which said it was made under the Alberta Public Sector Retirement Fund’s Comprehensive Care Fund.

The payout was announced in the Alberta Human Services Budget and in response to an earlier request by the woman’s attorney, Jennifer Rochford.

“In this particular case, the patient was a woman in her 60s, diagnosed with ovarian cancer and diagnosed with CankERSS.

The patient was treated by a team of five female specialists including a radiologist, an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist, and a neurologist,” said Dr. Andrew Sowards, the director of the Alberta Cankering Team.

“The cancer was aggressive and advanced, and the patient had to have her ovarian cancer removed.

She also had to undergo invasive surgery to remove the tumor.

In the course of treatment, the cancer cell was removed and the cancer was completely gone.”

A follow-up consultation with her on the cancer’s progression led to a diagnosis of advanced melanoma and an additional six metastases.

The cancer was not aggressive enough to warrant surgery.

“During the course the patient’s cancer progressed, the health care team made several visits to the woman to determine whether she was at risk for further metastases,” said Sowarks.

“At the time of treatment for ovarian melanoma, the woman was a single mother with a young son, and she was also diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

There were no complications and she underwent all of the treatment that was required to maintain her quality of life.”

The woman received a total of $15.4 million in compensation, including $1.5 million in salary, a $2.5-million settlement from a hospital, and $500,000 from the province.

“We are pleased to receive this settlement in this particular instance,” said Alberta Health Minister Shannon Phillips.

“This was an incredibly difficult situation for the patient.

As a result of her medical treatment, she was able to achieve complete recovery and she has continued to serve her patients.”

“We want to thank the Department for their ongoing support and assistance,” said the woman, who was identified as the first person in Alberta to receive the payment.

The woman’s lawyer, Jennifer Soward, said the amount of the settlement is comparable to other similar payments received from the public sector.

The Alberta Human Service Board was formed to address the needs of health care workers, including nurses, doctors, dentists, and pharmacists, who are not protected by the Public Service Retirement System.

The Public Service Pension is not funded by the government, but by the province’s health care funding formula.

“While the Alberta Government’s role in health care is not directly affected by this case, it is important that our members receive adequate compensation in this way,” said Minister Phillips.

Health Canada was unable to confirm the amount, citing privacy laws, but the agency has said it is committed to working with the public and the public to ensure that people with breast cancer receive compensation and resources that are fair, equitable, and adequate.

A spokesperson for Health Canada did not respond to a request for comment.

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