‘Baldur’s Gate’ star and ‘X-Men’ actor is a big fan of Baldur’s gate

When it comes to Baldur, “I would say my biggest fan is Robert Jordan,” says star Chris Evans, a.k.a.

Logan in the new film Logan, in a phone interview from his home in Los Angeles.

“I’m a huge fan of the books and I think I would say that I love all the movies and I love the games.”

The actor and his co-star, Logan’s big brother, Oscar Isaac, a big Star Wars fan, both say they grew up playing the games.

“It’s just like an old-fashioned version of the Hobbit,” says Isaac, who is in the film playing a man named Frodo Baggins.

“You go into a tavern, you get some drinks and you go off and fight the bad guys.”

The film, written by Jordan himself and directed by James Mangold, centers on a group of adventurers who stumble upon a hidden treasure and battle the evil dragon Balrog, who’s trying to bring the world to a violent end.

“Baldurs Gate” is a fantasy game series based on the novels by Robert Jordan and Michael Moorcock.

The books are set in a fantasy world known as The Last City, and the movie centers on an old wizard named Baldur Sargothsson, who uses the power of the Five Rings of Power to fight evil.

“He’s got the ring, so he can fight all the evil and he has the power to do this, but he has to go back to the original city to fight his own kind,” says Evans.

“We were talking about this earlier, he said ‘Oh, I’m not going back to The Last city.

I’m going back into The City of the Golden Circle.’

I said ‘That sounds cool, but I want to do something new.

I want my own city.’

I wanted to do a fantasy city that’s not just a fantasy story.'”

The game was originally released on a few devices in 2003, but Jordan’s book series was adapted into the popular video game series “Dungeons & Dragons.”

The game is still available in video game stores, but its popularity in the gaming world was only recently recognized.

The series has since spawned many video game adaptations and spin-offs.

The most recent is “Dungeon Master,” a new video game from the developers of “Battlestar Galactica” and “Lego Batman.”

The movie is based on “Baghdad” author Michael Moorcahn’s fantasy series, which is also about the Middle East.

The series is still going strong.

In 2016, the game’s creator, Chris Avellone, wrote a comic book based on it.

The films’ director James Mangleston, who co-wrote “Lord of the Rings” with Michael Giacchino and J.K. Rowling, is the co-producer of “Battle of the Bastards,” a film based on an original story of the novels.

“The movie’s going to be based on this story and it’s going be a real battle and we’re going to make it look epic,” says Avellon.

The film will follow a group called the “Band of the Hawk,” a group who travel through a series of ancient castles in the Middle Eastern desert to seek a way to return home.

“If we can do something good, we’re willing to go there,” Avellonsaid.

“But we’re not willing to take risks.”

The games are all based on Jordan’s work, which was later adapted into three films.

“Battle” is the most recent film.

“In the Book of Shadows,” which is based loosely on the “Battlefield Earth” novels, is based in part on Jordan.

“Lord Of The Rings” is also based on a novel by Richard Bach.

“In the books, you can see that I’ve always been drawn to this world and I was fascinated by the mythology and I thought it was so rich and fascinating and I felt that I could make a movie about that,” Avellaonsaid, who says that he wants to make a film about the characters.

“For me, that’s what it is.

It’s the same thing that drew me to the books.”

But the games are still in the works.

Avellones is still looking at ideas for sequels.

“There are ideas in the pipeline,” he says.

“Some are going to turn out to be very good, and some are going

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