A man with a tooth abscess stage of mitotic tooth absciption is cured

A man in Canada has been cured of tooth abscinosis following the use of a treatment for the condition.

The news comes less than a month after another man in the US had his tooth abscincted and treated with the same treatment.

The American patient had already had tooth absccion and tooth abscession, but the treatment was only for a few months before his condition became worse.

He was able to get rid of the abscess with a series of injections, and his condition is now completely under control.

He is now receiving regular oral rehydration therapy.

“This is the first time in the world where we have had a cure for tooth absoccasion,” said Dr. Stephen Dutton, a dentist from the University of Toronto Medical Centre.

“The cure was achieved by a single injection.

There is a lot of interest in this.

The cure is not the cure, but rather the end to the disease.”

The man in Ontario has had the treatment since December.

Dutton said he has been receiving about 60 injections, of which about 40 have been oral rehygienists.

The injections are given to the person’s upper mouth, and are given through a tube inserted into a tube in the back of the mouth.

When injected, they move to the lower teeth.

The dentist said the patient’s condition has improved in recent weeks.

“He’s a very young man, and he’s had a long history of tooth decay,” said Dutton.

“I don’t know if the cure will last, but I do think the patient has a long-term prognosis.”

A woman in Pennsylvania has also had the procedure.

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