A man with a brain tumor has been declared brain dead at age 61

When it comes to cancer, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting metaphor than a man who has had his brain tumor removed.

On Saturday, the 64-year-old was declared brain-dead at a hospital in Florida, and doctors were able to use a machine to destroy his tumor.

He underwent surgery on Tuesday and is now in the ICU.

In November of 2012, doctors removed a tumor from the man’s brain and he was told he had Stage 3 melanomas, which include cancers of the basal ganglia, temporal lobe and amygdala.

The man’s tumors are spread throughout his body and they cause a lot of pain, according to doctors.

The tumor was removed because he was considered cancer-free and his condition had improved.

But he was still not cleared to return to work.

After undergoing surgery on Wednesday, doctors were finally able to destroy the tumor and remove the tumor.

Dr. Jennifer DePasquale, a family doctor, said in a statement that the surgery was successful and the man is now free of the tumor, according the Orlando Sentinel.

DePASQUALE added that the patient has had a tumor removed, and is in good spirits and doing well.

The cancer has no long-term prognosis.

The surgery also removed a large lump from the right side of the brain, but the lump is in remission, DePASHES said.

The man’s wife and two daughters, who live in Florida but have not yet been notified of the news, said they were saddened to learn about the news.

The family is looking forward to seeing the man soon, said DePasse.

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