A list of all the stages of the coronavirus

All of the stages can be seen on the chart below, with the lowest number of patients being in Stage I (a person with a fever and no symptoms).

You’ll see the exact stages at the top of the chart. 

You can also scroll down and check out the chart by clicking on the ‘Tabs’ button at the bottom of the page.Stage 1:  The person starts feeling sick and becomes unwell within a couple of days. 

Stage 2: The person gets better, usually within a week.

Stage 3: At least one week later, the person’s symptoms worsen.

Stage 4: People with Stage III (fever, headache, fatigue, cough, and sore throat) may also have mild to moderate respiratory illness, but the disease has not spread beyond the person and the virus is still not airborne.

Stage 5: There is an increase in the number of symptoms.

The virus usually spreads rapidly and is usually detected in a short period of time.

People can get pneumonia, bronchitis, meningitis, and pneumonia.

Stage 6: After three weeks, the disease spreads to other people.

There are also deaths from this stage of the disease, but people with Stage 6 die in much smaller numbers than those with Stage 1.

Stage 7: A person with Stage 7 has a fever of at least 101.6 degrees Celsius.

The person will need to stay at home, and will have difficulty breathing.

Stage 8: An hour after the person gets well, the body stops responding to the body’s natural immune system and it can no longer fight the virus.

This is called acute respiratory syndrome (ARDS).

Stage 9: This person has died.

Some people with the virus die from acute respiratory infections and the person is not contagious to others. 

There are no known side effects from this type of illness.

Stage 10: No one has ever died from this, but it is considered a possible case. 

People with a low fever (between 37.5 and 39.5 degrees Celsius) are at a lower risk of dying from this condition.

Stage 11: Most people with an acute respiratory infection recover in two weeks, but some people may need three or more weeks. 

A number of cases have been recorded, but many more people have died in the last three years.

Stage 12: Stage 13 is usually a long, painful, and sometimes life-threatening illness.

It is usually the worst stage for the sickest people.

Stage 14: Once a person has recovered from the second stage of illness, they will go on to Stage 15. 

Most people who have recovered from Stage 15 will recover in a week or two.

Sometimes, people who had Stage 13 or 14 will be able to go back to Stage 14, but this is extremely rare.

Stage 15: It takes three or four months for the virus to spread to the next person. 

The infection is typically spread through direct contact with the person who has recovered. 

However, if the person has been infected with the coronovirus before, it can spread through the skin and mucus of a person’s nose.

After four months, the virus can be detected in the airways.

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